Should Customer Service Have Time Limits?

I’ve gone down many career paths over the last 30 years so I feel like I know how a lot of different things work. Obviously the more times you switch careers the more things you’ll learn. I can draw your blood, sell you a house, watch your kids, or run your business. There are still so many things to learn πŸ™‚

One of the most rewarding jobs that I’ve had was answering phones for

One of the worst jobs I’ve ever had was also answering phones for!

It was so awesome to help people in their time of need. They would call Booking for help when things went wrong with their hotel plans. It was so rewarding to be able to assist someone that is at their angriest or most vulnerable point and talk them down, fix the problem, and be joking with the guest by the end of the call. So awesome! Booking was an amazing company to work for. They allowed us to talk to guest without a script. That makes the call so much easier because all you have to do it act human and help someone that needs help. They provided flexible, understanding and honest management. Not one time did I call for an approval of a refund to a guest and have it denied. I fought for the guest as if they were my mother. I didn’t want anyone getting cheated out of money either intentionally or by accident! I dug into cases that had been going on for weeks or months and still couldn’t get the damn thing straightened out! Ridiculous. I followed a really easy process – Continue reading “Should Customer Service Have Time Limits?”

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2nd Day home from work – coronavirus COVID-19 3.18.20

The caronavirus is no joke right now. West Michigan is still free to move around but it’s been limited. Restaurants can only serve takeout food, no indoor dining allowed. We aren’t suppose to be in groups of larger than 10 right now. It started at 100, then groups of 50 and now were down to groups of 10 or less. It looks like lockdown is next. Trump is telling everyone to stay home. The state has shut down the schools, all sporting events, and basically anything where people come together and spend time. Those are not allowed. I’ve been home from work for two days. Las Vegas is shut down!!! Unbelieveable. Disney is shut down along with all the other theme type parks in the country. Airplanes are still moving but have slowed down to almost nothing. Everyone is trying to get home right now. Countries are “closing” and there’s a dash to get home. Almost 9,000 people have died so far. 219,000 infected, 84,000 recovered. There are currently 125,284 people infected and 7,158 will most like die. The other 118,126 people only have mild symptoms.

I believe the universe is angry with the way we have been treating each other. The divide that is happening in our country right now is monumental and we are, or were, on our way to the next civil war. Today everyone seems to be getting along and working well together for the first time in 4 years. The government has been jacked to shit ever since Trump won in 2016 and are acting like children. It’s ridiculous.

The universe gave us something so large and scary to deal with that we had no choice but to come to each others aid. Coming together emotionally. The acts of kindness going on right now make me hopeful for a more united front after this is over.


I’m having a hard time accepting the reality that anti-Trump fans (Democrat’s) really do believe they are thinking correctly. When I listen to the haters on TV or social media they just sound ignorant and childish. It’s hard for me to believe that people are so stupid and subborn.

Obviously, I believe my thinking is the right thinking πŸ™‚ We all want to believe we are right but the fact is we can’t all be right when we don’t agree and go in seperate directions. I guess there is no right or wrong.

If you follow Trump on Twitter which I just started doing 3 days ago, you’ll find that his tweets are very informative & straight forward. Each tweet comes with its own mass of comments to support and debate the others side. But what I found very interesting and unexpected was the way he delivers the news as if it’s a business transaction and he wants everyone to understand the details of the deal.

If people took just a second to look they would find the greatest, largest business transaction ever! Trump is negotiating deals for our country on a massive size scale and he’s doing it successfully. I know personally, I will never again in my life have a front row Β seat to a more successful business plan and execution then I have right now while Trump is reorganizing our entire country.

People need to get over the fact that they don’t like Trump and just appreciate the work he is doing for our country as a whole. For years I have heard people say it doesn’t matter who wins the presidency because they all lie. “All politians lie so why do I care which one will lie the best, they never do what they say they are going to do”. WELL now we have Trump in office and he’s actually making changes and everyone wants to hate him… I just don’t get it. People do not make sense. We want “different” but when we get it, we spend all our energy fighting it.



Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

During the years I felted trapped in life and struggled with what direction I was supposed to go in next is when this song became important to me.

Take that money watch it burn sink in the river the lessons I’ve learned.
To me this meant that I needed to stop doing things I felt I was supposed to do and just do what I wanted to do. Spend the money cause who knows what tomorrow brings. Take all the lessons I’ve learned from childhood and sink them in a river and start over with my own beliefs and choices.
Just because people say I shouldn’t do it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.


No more counting dollars we’ll be counting stars.
This was telling me that we (my husband and myself) needed to stop stressing over money and try to live happier and simpler. Start counting family memories instead of how much money we were bringing in each month.

Everything that kills me.. makes me feel alive.
Everything that I considered fun was bad for me or bad for my relationship. But they all made me feel more lively. I enjoyed drinking and partying. I enjoyed a pack a cigarettes with my alcohol and a joint before bed. I eat pretty much whatever I want and I don’t get away with it! I like to flirt, I read smut novels for women and that’s enough for now. lol. But I had a lot of fun doing all of them.
If you took away the fun things what would make me feel alive? Just staying trapped in the house?

*I now believe marijuana to be good for the body.

Everything that drowns me.. make me want to fly.
Responsibilities as an adult. omg. I felt like my marriage at the time was holding me back from being my true self. I was very confused on who I was and who I was supposed to be. I just wanted to fly and escape all the mental pressure of trying to make an impossible decision.



Vacation is over. We always wait so long for it to arrive and spend so much money to make it perfect, it consumes our lives and then it’s just done and gone. I’ve planned for this vacation (actively) for 7 months. Booking rooms, flights, and researching the area.

When you vacation somewhere new it is exciting! It’s also stressful when you’re on a budget. I can imagine the ease that would come along with the ability to just fly my favorite airline or stay at my favorite hotel.. money not an issue. It would take a lot of the research time out of my planning, which would be awesome.

So many different emotions relate to this trip. The ocean is my happy place. I have enjoyed the sound of ocean waves since my first cruise in 2008. It wasn’t until a few years ago though that I realized it was my actual real life “happy place”.

When someone tells you to think about your happy place during a stressful situation, you tend to think of a beach and sun because everyone looks happy at the beach, and you think to yourself , yeah that would be nice. But when you find your real life happy place you are able to stop and really think about being happy. It works! lol.. thinking about my happy place waves actually slows my breathing down and sends happy endorphins into my brain. It’s a sense of peace. #findyourhappyplace

Even though I’m happy, I’m very stressed on vacation because I’m trying to execute my 7 month plan. The most relaxing cruise I have been on was in the winter of 2018 when I didn’t have to plan anything related to the entire trip because I was a last minute addition to the vacation. Everything was planned, all I had to do was show up.

On this vacation I learned that I really just like to sit around and do nothing. My husband was more active on this vacation than me and usually he doesn’t do anything without me. I wanted to sleep. and eat. I gained 10 pounds in 7 days! My ankles are still very swollen from the flight so I’m hoping I have at least 2 pounds of water πŸ™‚ Crossing my fingers.

Now that I’ve been to Cocoa Beach FL, I feel I have a good sense of the main areas and the navigation. The amenities available, etc. Cocoa Beach doesn’t have a whole lot to offer other than the beach. The beach is active. They have surfing lessons, beach volleyball, shopping, restaurants, pier fishing and a really cool Atm machine πŸ˜‰ There is a Publics grocery on the North side of the beach near the pier or a Win Dixie on the South side of the beach near Ron John’s surf shop. Most of the restaurants are on the South end but we did eat at a restaurant named Mexico’s and OMG was the food amazing! Mexican food is my favorite food and this restaurant is definitely not one I’ll forget. Cocoa Beach is like any touristy town and tends to sell the same trinkets at all the local stores. Good thing is, they all priced their items the same so you didn’t get buyers remorse after finding it cheaper somewhere else.

Ron Johns Surf Shop was a very popular place to be. Lots of people but it’s manageable. I didn’t leave angry so I say it’s a win. Prices were decent on most things. A coffee cup for $10, a shirt for $20, keychains $8, $6000 surf boards! Very large store with a lot of employees. Many many checkouts and short lines. They claimed to have sizes up to 5X when we asked the front door greeter but I had a hard time finding 2X. They have a lot of really cute clothing other than the basic t-shirts for souvenirs but those items all ran in smaller sizes only up to XL. Most were small-large. You know they really don’t make it easy to be a larger person. Just because I wear a 1-2X doesn’t mean I don’t want to look cute in my clothes. It’s very hard to find cute plus size clothes.

I don’t think I’ll fly into Sanford Airport again. It’s just too far from the cruise port. The money I spent on transportation I could have used on better airline tickets. For the first time ever I saw someone get turned away from checking into their flight at the airport. The airport says to be there 2 hours before your scheduled flight to allow adequate time to get checked in and go through TSA. The passenger that got turned away was only 1 hour and 45 minutes early for his flight and they told him check-in time was closed. That is insane. I have flown many times and never seen someone get turned away from a flight for that reason. Being familiar with the boarding process, I know that if I’m there 2 hours early for a 6 am flight then I’m going to spend 1 hour and 40 minutes sitting by my gate waiting. There’s hardly anyone in an airport that early in the morning. So he took an Uber to catch a different flight in TAMPA! They sent him to Tampa FL to catch another flight. $150 Uber ride. I can see why people get so upset in airports now! The scene I would have made would have gotten me arrested for sure. We made it with 12 minutes to spare.

Hotel pool was amazing…. Nothing special I guess but felt so good in the high humidity heat. They had noodles in the pool so I was able to just float around. Relaxing, and one of my favorite memories from the vacation. Just chilling in the pool under the sun floating around while the kids are throwing the beach ball back and forth.


The hotel pool and noodles

Dinner at Mexico’s

The breakfast buffet at the hotel

Store named Shells Everything in Cocoa Beach FL

Laying in a daybed on the pool deck in Serenity area of the ship

Coffee on my balcony in the morning

Watching and listening to the waves hit the ship at night under the stars – Happy Place

Sharing that first drink of the day with Bill

The pool side loungers in the shallow water at Coco Cay.

My daughter cuddling up to me when she knew I was upset. Best memory.

Feeding the Seagulls on my balcony

Yummy Florida oranges


How do I or an atheist ask for forgiveness? Does it even matter? What if you don’t deserve forgiveness?

If you don’t believe in God who are you asking for forgiveness from? You must believe in someone or something, right? I’m curious about the statistics around people that truly don’t believe in anything at all.

I believe the bible is made up of stories passed down generation after generation. A book of tales. Everyone knows the more a story is told, the more they get messed up and over exaggerated. There is no way that Jesus died and came back to life. What happened was Jesus got nailed to the cross, went into shock, fainted, and woke up later. Okay, enough of that. LOL

I believe there is something larger than me. I can’t possible be the greatest accomplishment in the universe. People are too small to hold such a title. But what’s out there making things happen? Is it Fate or Destiney? Do you believe in Karma, the whole “what goes around comes around? Is your Fate in jeopardy because of you deserve bad Karma for your past mistakes?

I believe in Karma

I believe in a higher power or energy

I believe in Destiny

I believe everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences.

I believe part of our life plan is to figure out our path and why it was chosen for us.

So how do I ask for forgiveness? I don’t have a person in my head to talk to that will give me a pass. Is my Fate already determined? Maybe I’m not allowed to ask for forgiveness. I don’t believe your Fate can be determined by one single event. If it was, then we’d all be screwed and going to Hell. Heaven would be empty because nobody is perfect. But do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

I do not believe in Heaven or Hell. It’s a stupid theory, a tale made up and passed on so little kids that lost parents had an answer they could understand when they asked where is mommy or where is daddy. It’s at the level of Santa Clause. So what happens to us when we die? Our bodies die and get buried. Our spirits (if you believe in angels and ghost) continue on through the higher power or energy that moves things through the universe.

So can I ask for forgiveness or not? If yes, how? If no, why?
How do I erase bad Karma already earned?

I’m a virgin Meditation and Chakra Geek

spiritual changes are happening. third eye center is opening. Controlling the vibration timeframe while your body jerks unpredictably .
learning what it means to align your chakra.
How is feels to enter the next dimension.

wondering if I’ll ever be focused enough to experience the 5th dimension.

Since I’ve started meditating and repeating mantras I have been much calmer. I’m doing it a few times a week. nothing regular or scheduled. But I seem to be able to brush things off with less care in my everyday life. things seem easier in a weird way.

about 10 days ago I started drinking tea everyday in place of my second and last cup of coffee. yesterday I noticed I was down 7 pounds. is it the tea? if so, this is like magic juice lol.

3/19/20 Update:
It wasn’t the tea that made me lose weight. For two weeks straight I was only getting the munchies on the weekends. M-TH I ate normal, didn’t smoke and went to bed earlier, lost weight. lol… damn I should do that more often lol. This week I’m up late nightly, smoking and eating a ton of healthy food. I decided that if I was going to smoke then I needed to control my eating and the only way I saw to do that was force myself to have healthier munchies. That Twix I had yesterday afternoon was damn good though. So anyway, not the tea 😦

I may be enhanced with a bit of THC but this shit is funny!

I have two cats, a girl and a boy that are both fixed and cannot have babies.

The girl is sleeping on her side.

The boy has his head between her legs just a lick’en everything he could reach. She was getting a complete lower level bath.

They’re laying there doing their thing and the girl halls off and smacks him in the face with her foot. He comes back for more and gets a second shot to the face. I laughed my ass off!

It just made me realize how it doesn’t matter the species, the boys are always bothering the girls.

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